Creative Projects

Beyond explainers, PictoMoto produces various creative fiction and nonfiction projects, including short films and videos, podcasts, original music, and other digital content.


The Curious Gamer

“The Curious Gamer” is a show we created that explores the design, culture, and joy of video games. It seeks to connect “non-gamers” with “hardcore gamers” in a unified discussion around this exciting and rapidly evolving medium. 

Watch, connect with, and learn more about the show here.


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“Melody,” is a senior thesis short film project for Grand Valley State University, 2011. This part sci-fi, part experimental narrative follows a musically-gifted woman named Mona.

After an accident leaves her comatose, Mona is stuck in her own subconscious. What’s worse, the suicidal man responsible for the accident is sharing this dream-like state with her. She must use her powers of music and magic to overcome her obstacles and find a way to “wake up.”

Watch the film here.

A Minecraft Creation

“A Minecraft Creation” is a unique animation series involving Minecraft (a creative, virtual Lego-set video game) and uses it to make movies. The film employs amazing cinematography, a charming original soundtrack, custom sound design, and advanced game modifications to create beautiful animation.

Check out the film here, and download the musical soundtrack here.



DevTrax Music Library

“DevTrax,” which is our original library of soundtrack music, contains music for everyone. An epic fight scene song, music for a light-hearted commercial, a dark, haunted short film soundscape, a retro video game chiptune, and anything in between. 

Browse and listen from a growing library of 350+ songs here.

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