How it works

If you want us to produce an explainer video with you, we have a simple, painless, and straight-forward approach. If this is for a creative project other than an explainer, the process is similar.

  1. We have our first conversation, where you let us know what you have in mind. Many of our clients haven't produced a video before and don't know where to start, while other clients already know what style they'd like and even have a script started. Wherever you're at, we can jump in, assess your needs, and put together the perfect plan.
  2. We do our research and write a script - the most important part your video. Once we finish a draft, we'll collaboratively edit with you until we get to the final draft. During this time we'll also agree on a visual style that fits your needs.
  3. We go animate and / or shoot your video. Once we finish a full cut, we'll share that with you, and you can share edits and tweaks so we can polish it to perfection. 
  4. We reach a final cut, and that's it! Your video is now ready to share with the world with a video file we provide. Embed it on your website, upload it to your YouTube/Video, and share it on social, email, SMS, in meetings, presentations, conferences, or however it will best reach your audience.

Contact & Learn More

PictoMoto is proudly based in Detroit, Michigan. Ask us anything about our pricing, process, or any of our services. Our creative director will personally respond to you within 24 hours.

Devin Polaski - Creative Director
c: 248-534-6953


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